For mission structures built on partnerships
The Alliance4GlobalMissions exists to serve those mission structures that thrive in partnerships. Mission agencies, collaborative sending structures, and local churches are today filling the role of mobilizing, training, and sending out missionaries. Quite often these structures, from around the world, desire to work in partnership. The Alliance4Gm seeks to facilitate these partnership possibilities. 

The Objective
While preserving and respecting the unique gifting and vision of each member organization, the Alliance4Gm seeks to create a partnership culture where resources are maximized through cooperation. Rather than each agency doing everything in-house and seeking to depend only on their own network of partners, the Alliance4Gm establishes a framework within which cooperation is the norm. The Alliance4Gm is modeled in part on the Airline Alliances
Members and Potential Partners
The Members of the Alliance4Gm are those that are sending out a missionary and looking for a national church or mission agency with whom their missionary might serve. Potential Partners are those entities willing to receive missionaries sent by another entity. 
A mission structure can participate in the Alliance4Gm, as either a Member or Potential Partner, if they show evidence that they are willing to partner. 

Support Services
There are a number of different kinds of services that support partnerships. Some of these focus on training, financial services, and member care. These ministries fill a vital role in facilitating ministry partnerships.