Find below the details of how information is shared within the A4Gm.  

Point Person:  Each member of the A4Gm appoints an individual who will represent their agency officially to the managing group of the A4Gm. This individual is responsible for their participation in the A4Gm.  This person:

  • manages the information shared on the website ( regarding the agency:
    • the presentation page 
    • the recommendation page 
  • manages the information communicated through the three Google Maps
    • the personal agency map
    • the Church Partnership map
    • the UPG partnership map
  • ensures that the Alliance4Gm team have the correct Google Account email addresses for the individuals from the agency who would edit a map, receive the Email Bulletin (any email address is fine), have access to secure Google Documents on candidates, etc.  
This individual is not necessarily the Official Contact (see below) with whom others communicate. But official communication from the A4Gm will always be with the Point Person.  The agency may at any time change this individual with written communication to

Official Contact: This individual could be the Point Person or someone else appointed by the member agency.  This individual is the one with whom other A4Gm members officially communicate.  The Official Contact is responsible to: 

  • be the official voice representing the agency to other members. All official communication from other members will be directed to this individual. The Official Contacts from the other members will have access to this individual's email address. 
  • be the point person with access to the contact details of all the other A4Gm members.   
  • be the point person with access to the list of all countries where other agency members serve. 

Candidates:  An A4Gm member may wish that various individuals within their organization be able to view potential candidate details. The Point Person is responsible to send the names and Google Account email addresses to so they can have access to view the Google Doc called "Candidates".  Information on candidates is submitted via a form accessed by the Official Contact.  

Countries with Ministry Opportunities: Each member will have the option of communicating via the Google Map on their official page the countries where they serve.  However, given security concerns some would rather not identify high security locations in an open environment.  In order for an agency to share confidentially with other A4Gm members the complete list of countries where they serve, they may do so by filling out the form.  The Official Contact person from each member agency will be the only ones able to view this.  

Email Bulletin:  The A4Gm will send out an electronic Bulletin to only those email addresses provided by the Point Person from each A4Gm member.  The Bulletin with share updates and requests for information submitted by other A4Gm members.  An example would be an agency requesting an example of an MOU (Memorandum of Understanding) for receiving a seconded member from another agency, or possible training material for multi-cultural teams.  Most of this information will then be posted on site. 

Map authorization for UPG and Church Partnerships.  should this be accompanied by an excel document with details or just the information provided on the pin.  


  • Personal agency map
  • UPG
  • Church Partnership
  • Where the agency serves (populated via a form)
  • Official Contacts from all agencies (managed by site administrator)
  • candidates (populated via a form)