Mexicanos para Alcanzar el Mundo A.R.

Ave. Fleming 200
Colonia Las Pilitas
San Luís Potosí SLP 78370
Oficina: (444) 839-2527
Cel. del Director: (444) 188-9874

[11:25:09 AM] Mike Burnam WEC Mexico: MPAM might be an option, but they only send. I'm here with the director of this organization and he is going to look at the Website and check it out. I'll give him your information so he can be in direct contact with you. his Skype name is sambigotes77 if you want to call him and talk to him later. He was in Spain 20 years 16 with PMI, so there is the reference for him.
[11:26:19 AM] Mike Burnam WEC Mexico: His name is Samuel Guerrero, and he is thinking about going back to Spain possibly in a couple of years, but not sure.