Our One Mission

For more than 100 years, One Mission Society has been united in one purpose…to see the Gospel of Jesus Christ spread throughout the world, with the greatest number of disciples made, and to see God glorified in all that we say and do—to fulfill the Great Commission. This has been, is and always will be our One Mission.

The task cannot be done alone. Throughout our history, we have sent missionaries from Western countries around the world to minister. Today, we also send missionaries from the same countries that we have traditionally sent missionaries to, making One Mission Society truly international in every sense of the word. The work is not for the weak or undisciplined. It is a task that only God can call us to.

We can respond to His call by donating, by praying or by becoming a missionary in one of more than 50 countries where OMS actively serves.

Our History

OMS began ministry in Japan in 1901 as The Oriental Missionary Society. Today, OMS ministers throughout Africa, Asia, the Caribbean, Europe and Latin America.

When Charles and Lettie (the author of the best-selling devotional, Streams in the Desert) Cowman, Ernest and Julia Kilbourne and Juji and Katsuko Nakada began the work of OMS, they believed the best way to reach a nation for Christ was through its own sons and daughters. So, they opened a Bible training school and trained the Japanese to serve as church planters and pastors.

In the 1970s, OMS changed it's name from The Oriental Mission Society to OMS International in order to better reflect our global ministry. Then, in January 2010, we changed our name to One Mission Society to clearly communicate our message of One Mission.

Who we are and what we do

OMS, an evangelical, interdenominational faith-based mission supported by the gifts and prayers of churches, family and friends, focuses on intentional evangelism, planting indigenous churches, training national leadership in Bible colleges and seminaries around the world and joining national workers, churches and other ministries to reach the nations for Christ.

OMS strives to be holistic. Because of this, we also serve in several other areas of interest, including: anti-human trafficking, camping ministry, ministry to children and youth, construction, teaching English and medical missions. We also serve in the areas of radio ministry, sports ministries, support ministries (such as administration, computers, finance, communications, etc.) and teaching. Men for Missions, our ministry challenging men (and women) through short-term mission trips (work teams, ministry teams, prayer teams and evangelism teams), is another dynamic way to get involved.

For more information about One Mission Society—how to get involved by giving, going or praying, please browse through this website or contact us personally.