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Application Process

There is a fairly simply process by which an agency may become part of the Alliance4Gm.  
  • Application request:  An agency seeking membership should first communicate with the Alliance4Gm briefly explaining who they are and requesting their interest in being considered for membership.  The identity of the perspective applicant will be verified before the application process can begin.
  • Proof Of Partnership Value:  Each applicant will be asked to present in writing two brief case studies of where their agency, church, or ministry has partnered in the past in the receiving and seconding of personnel. 
  • At Least Two Recommendations:  Each applicant will be asked to submit letters of recommendation from two of their current partners as to their experience of partnering with the applicant.  The testimonials of others who have partnered with you are essential for other Alliance4Gm if they are to consider partnering with you.  
  • Information Packet:  Each applicant will be instructed on the process of providing information regarding their agency.  This is not at all complicated.
  • Granting Membership: Membership is not granted on the basis of an agency possessing a healthy partnership ethos and on agreement with the theological stance.   
  • Evaluations:  All Alliance4Gm Members will be asked to anonymously evaluate those members they are partnering with.