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National Led Ministries

There are many locally run ministries in the majority world which could receive missionaries directly.  These ministry initiatives are often directed toward unreached people groups and are the fruit of ministries initiated from traditional mission agencies.  
  • While these ministries would be considered strategic in reaching unreached groups they often have no voice in the missions world except through a traditional agency.  The current "systems" do not make it easy for a medical doctor in Chile to discover and eventually serve with an Indian run medical outreach to the unreached in northern India.  
  • Many of these ministries are capable of receiving and supervising missionaries sent directly from around the world.  They can provide the "receiving" functions for missionaries sent to serve in their region.   
  • There are obvious advantages of serving directly with one of these ministries.  There are advantages in being received at the airport, oriented into the culture, advised in language learning, supervised in ministry - by a local believer rather than a foreigner with limited cultural expertise.  
  • There are tremendous advantages of ensuring that these ministries be recognized as stakeholders in global missions.