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Majority World Agencies

The majority world missions movement is far less structured than the one led by their traditional western brothers. And while many of the majority world agencies both send and receive into ministries, many simply send and second their missionaries to another agency or national run ministry that is capable of receiving and supervising their missionary.   
  • While some of their missionaries are supervised by the same entity that sent them out, some serve independently, others serve with another international group, and still others serve with ministries run by host country believers.  
  • There are a variety of sending structures (denominational agencies, inter-denominational agencies, local churches, and businesses).  Most of these structures tend to be relatively informal and run on a bare bones budget. 
  • Many of these groups originate in countries where evangelicalism is the minority religion and where their missionaries have grown up in a context of poverty.  
Frustrations often expressed:
  • Many of the sending structures are frustrated by traditional agencies wanting to partner with them on the condition that they serve as their (traditional agency's) agent in that particular country.  They would rather be their own entity rather than the agent for international agencies.