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An Overview

The Alliance4Gm is an environment where respected missions related ministries from around the world agree to intentionally explore the option of cooperating in the seconding of human resources. While preserving the identity of each member organization, the Alliance4Gm seeks to create a partnership culture where resources are maximized through cooperation. Rather than each agency doing everything in-house and seeking to depend only on their own network of partners, the Alliance4Gm establishes a framework within which cooperation is the norm. The Alliance4Gmis modeled on the Airline Alliances that preserves the autonomy of the individual airline allowing it to focus on what it do best - while creating a better service for the passenger by intentionally cooperating with other airlines in helping the passenger reach his destination. The individual airlines benefit by cooperating intentionally with others who share similar core values and are committed to maintaining the same standard of excellence and service. 

The Alliance4Gm provides the context within which Members are able to negotiate partnerships focused on individual missionaries. This stands in stark contrast to current norm where agencies are seeking to develop partnerships to get more missionaries to fly on their airplanes. The Alliance4Gm seeks to create a culture of partnership where seconding of personnel for the good of the Kingdom becomes the norm. .