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Implications for Members

Participation in the Alliance has different implications for each type of member. 

The local church
  • Will be able to send their missionary either through a traditional agency or directly to serve under a ministry run by host country believers. 
  • Will be able to engage with potential partners both from their own context as well as from around the world.  
The traditional agency
  • Will not need to build and develop their own individual partnerships that "might" generate activity but can rather allow partnerships to develop naturally.  
  • Will need to enhance their "receiving capacity".
  • Will be able to simplify costly sending structures. 
  • Will be able to facilitate the transfer of their missionary from one ministry assignment to serve in a ministry of another member, without that missionary having to leave their agency.  
The majority world missions movement
  • Will be able to send "their own missionaries" who will in turn be seconded to serve with another Alliance member.  
  • Will be able to receive missionaries from other Alliance members. 
Majority world led ministries capable of receiving 
  • Will be able to receive missionaries from Alliance members directly to serve with them without having to request them via traditional agencies.