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Those Recommending Partnering with ProVisión


Pioneers Latin America has been working in partnership with Provision-Chile for over three years. Provision is a well organized agency, with a very good reputation in Chile and easy to partner with. It’s flexibility to adapt to the partner expectations and needs does not harm Provision’s efficiency in any ways. Pioneers, with about 300 teams working in over 120 countries, is as glad as honored by having Provision representing it’s name and projects in

Marcio Garcia
Director for Mobilization
Pioneers’ Latin America


From its initiation, Provision has worked in effective partnership with SIM. Provision holds their candidates to a high standard, and SIM has confidence in their selection processes and ability to carry out administrative functions well. SIM has been privileged to work with Provision missionary candidates called to serve with our teams in Africa, and we look forward to receiving future missionaries sent by Provision to serve with SIM teams in other continents where SIM has an active presence. SIM looks forward to many years of continued fruitful partnership with Provision.

Geoffrey Hahn
International Director for the Americas
SIM International


La Agencia Misionera PROVISION de Chile es una organización seria, altamente comprometida, con la que el PMI tiene el gusto de trabajar en asociación para el alcance del Mundo Islámico.

Allan Matamoros
Director Internacional


We have been partnering with ProVision since February 2011.

We appreciated their knowledge and expertise from their missions and church contacts in Chile. They have been very helpful in facilitating networking with us.
We currently have one long term person sent through ProVision and are in discussions about a number of short term possibilities.  In interactions we have found ProVision to be helpful, knowledgeable, flexible and responsive to our unique distinctiveness.
Jon Fuller 
International Director for Mobilization
OMF International